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Mad Truck Challenge Racing

Mad Truck Challenge Racing Android

  • Name: Mad Truck Challenge Racing
  • Category: Racing, Arcade
  • Developer: Spil Games
  • Current Version: 4.2.1
  • Requires Android: 4.2+
  • Updated: 16.12.2018

Game description

Mad Truck Challenge Racing on Android is the craziest race on huge trucks. The game offers a new level of graphics, bright, memorable and dynamic gameplay and the opportunity to feel like a truck driver.

You are a truck driver and have to compete with competitors, overcoming hundreds and thousands of miles. The gameplay is based on the laws of physics and looks more interesting and attractive. Rules on the race track practically do not exist.

The game will appeal to fans of car racing, fans of dynamic games in which the participant will find a lot of adventures. Hurry up to get behind the wheel of this monster truck and go in pursuit of the title.

Game features:

  • Used in the gameplay of physical laws.
  • Great graphics.
  • Large selection of transport and improvements.
  • A large number of different routes.

Download Mad Truck Challenge Racing for Android

Download Mad Truck Challenge Racing MOD (Unlimited Money) v.4.2.1

Download Mad Truck Challenge Racing MOD (Unlimited Money) v.4.1

Download Mad Truck Challenge Racing MOD (Unlimited Money) v.2.1

Download Mad Truck Challenge Racing MOD (Unlimited Money) v.2.0

Download Mad Truck Challenge Racing from Google Play

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