Food Truck Chef

Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game-a cooking game in which the player is offered for a while to feed the owner of a small van, with fast food. While in the van, it is offered to cook and sell it to people. With each sold portion of food, be sure to please the client.

Highlights of the game

The game offers:

To equip a kitchen for your own preference. Offered in the game, with each level, to equip the kitchen so that there could be placed, everything you need for cooking.

Develop new dishes. It is proposed to develop new dishes and delight customers around the world. Your culinary van will travel around the world, and prepare a variety of national dishes.

Fantasize – With each created dish, you will improve your own culinary institution, attracting more and more customers.

Download on Google Play

Download Apk – Android 4.1 and above


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