Ninja Rebirth Monster Legend

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Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend is a game for fans of anime games. The game is Made based on the series Naruto. If the player is familiar with the series, he will have the opportunity to choose the main or accompanying character from this team, starting to play the game. There will be many obstacles in each level. The most difficult obstacle is the monsters. They become more and more difficult to destroy, depending on the level of the game.

What should players know?

Players who play Monster Legend must understand to improve the combat skills of the hero; it is necessary to pump. Do this on a regular basis. All this will lead to the fact that the hero of the game will become stronger and defeat any enemy on its way to the game.

The game has 20 + levels; there is that of this variety to choose from.

Download Ninja Rebirth on Google Play

Download Ninja Rebirth Apk – Android 4.0 and above


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