Below you will find a list of mods for the game Mass Effect: Andromeda, which are currently available, and if you want you can download any you like. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Andromeda mods

Mass_Effect_Andromeda Games

Mass Effect: Andromeda Animation Mods:

  • “Fly like Iron Man” – Link
  • “Short videos of the landing and departures of the tempest” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Combat System Mods:

  • “First Person Mod” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Mods:

  • “Model extraction” – Link
  • “Frosty Editor 224-1-0-2 beta” – Link

Mass_Effect_Andromeda Graphics Mods

Mass Effect: Andromeda Graphics Mods:

  • “Set for Exporting 3D models and Modding” – Link
  • “Natural colors and sharpness” – Link
  • “The description of commands for the user.cfg” – Link
  • “ReShade” – Link
  • “ReShade 2.0 by syntman” – Link
  • “Optimization for weak PCs” – Link
  • “Bright lighting” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Sounds Mods:

  • “Trailer Soundtrack – Preorder Trailer Track” – Link

Mass_Effect_Andromeda Music Mods

Mass Effect: Andromeda Soundtrack Mods:

  • “Cabin Music” – Link
  • “Full OST” – Link
  • “OST” – Link
  • “John Paesano – 2017” – Link
  • “Rag’n’Bone Man – Human” – Link
  • “Johnny Cash – Ghost Riders In The Sky” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Interface Mods:

  • “Enlarge subtitles: Bigger font” – Link
  • v1.05 ” Change of language” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Error Correction Mods:

  • “Running the game on 2 cores (Optimized version)” – Link
  • “Fixing a black screen when running on a 2-core processor” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Companions Mods:

  • “Ginger Cora” – Link
  • “Liam Be Gone” – Link
  • “Squadmates Damage” – Link

Mass_Effect_Andromeda Skin Mods

Mass Effect: Andromeda Skins Mods:

  • “Shepard from the trilogy” – Link
  • “The new brunette Sara Ryder” – Link
  • “Unmasked Peebee” – Link
  • “Alex Rider” – Link
  • “Female character preset” – Link
  • “Manly Male Ryder Face” – Link
  • “Tit Ryder” – Link
  • “Zoe Ryder” – Link
  • “Heather Ryder” – Link
  • “Sara Ryder – Daenerys” – Link
  • “Improved Ryder – Preset” – Link

Mass Effect: Andromeda Clothes Mods:

  • “Naked Ryder ” (for v1.08, v1.09, v1.10)” – Link

Mass_Effect_Andromeda Gameplay Mods

Mass Effect: Andromeda Utility Mods:

  • “EBX to YAML Previewer Tool by Wavebend” – Link
  • “MEA “Recovery Tool” – Link
  • “Launch Origin in offline mode” – Link
  • “MEAExplorerWV – Manager for installing mods” – Link

How to install mods

Instructions for installing mods:

  1. Unpack the folder “MEAExplorerWV-master” from the archive.

2. Look for the folder ” AnselSDK64 “in the folder” MEAExplorerWV-master “and copy out two files” AnselSDK64.dll ” and ” AnselSDK64_org.dll.” Paste the copied files into the root directory of the game.

How to install mods

3. Run the Manager from the folder “MEAExplorerWV” – looking for the inscription” FS “- click on the inscription with the right mouse button, select” load FS ” and specify the path of the game.

4. Wait a bit until the desired files are unpacked, then click on the tab “mod manager” and look for the inscription “mods”.

5. Click on the “mods” tab and select “load list”. Choose any mod.

6. After selecting again click on ” mods “and select”run all”. After installation, the “done” window will appear, click “OK”.

Now you can run the game with installed mods.


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