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Nerf “explosive” legendary weapons! Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Legendary Weapons

So the other day I was minding my own business when I had a level 100+ attack one of my workshops, I stopped the initial attack. He returned and only noticed how small explosions went of next to me and that was dead a second after.

So I fought that guy some more, noticed that he was doing insane damage (almost one-hitting me every time). Eventually some friends of his came also with similar weapons and I just had no chance. I asked them on voice what weapons they were using and they explained it were shotguns with explosive legendary effect. He also explained that combining the shotgun damage perks and the demolition expert perk causes it to have over 560 damage, which is just insane!

I told them “Well, not much I can do about that, have fun with the workshop.” I am also over level 100 and should normally have a decent chance in PVP, but this just completely breaks balance!

My suggestion: Make the explosive legendary effect not be affected by Demolition Expert, just add a small explosive damage and radius to the weapons that doesn’t scale with the perk.

Note: It’s sad to see people downvoting this, I guess everyone downvoting is using a weapon like this and are just blinded by the power to see how unbalanced it is.


This is my biggest problem with the explosive legendary effect.

Has anybody tried making an explosives build. Pure explosives, no secondary weapon class?

Because Explosives are underpowered as fuck.

Bunker Buster (20% extra damage) with Demo-Expert LVL 5 does less damage than pretty much any rifle (non-legendary) plus rifleman.

I get that it has splash and can hit multiple enemies, but enemies tend to split up unless they’re Melee, which then makes them dangerous to shoot rockets at (killing yourself and all that). So hitting a group with a rocket only ever happens if you catch a gang loitering in a group at their spawn point (scorched mostly) because their AI hasn’t kicked in yet… Or, sneak rocketeer? I don’t think that would work.

So explosive weapons are about even in damage (sometimes less) than everything else I’ve used, including pistols. But they have the slowest fire rate and reload speeds (barring blackpowder) of any weapons, and the highest ammunition cost and carry weight.

What is the point of a rocket/grenade/mini nuke (mini nukes seem ok though, will test more) costing so many materials if they’re not more powerful than everything else? Why balance the damage of a rocket to equal the damage of everything else, but not also balance it’s cost price and carry weight?

The splash isn’t that good, we can’t be just paying for the splash?

It’s the first time I’ve had to give up on a toon in this game.

And I feel like it’s because of the legendary effect right? or PvP? One of the two, or both. But one of them is the reason Rocket Launchers are so under-powered for their price. Because they’re treating Demo-Expert as an additionals skill.

Like you’re supposed to add it to your other build? (I can do it with my shotgunner, which is terrifying considering shotgun is the Explosive weapon to look out for and he’s pretty much the most OP toon I have even without Demo Expert). But it can’t be used as a main. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just push through with her anyway.

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