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How to farm, and successfully find, the Flatwoods Monster – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Flatwoods Monster

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  1. Ask google or wikia or YouTube.

  2. Find where people have circumstantially found the FM. Abbey’s Bunker, Flatwoods, Whitespring.

  3. Camp there, server hop there, play the game for 1,000 hours, never once finding it in any of these places.

  4. Conclude (correctly) it’s a random encounter that can happen anywhere, but is so unlikely farming for it is pointless.

  5. Stumble on a place that spawns any of the more interesting unique random encounters, with a chance at both mothman and flat woods monster, with these encounters spawning frequently – around half the times you visit it.

Here it is -> the East Ridge Lookout tower. Yes, really. Go try.

  • Stand at that location and server jump to each or your friends, or just farm it by server hopping. You get unique encounters almost every time. and eventually get the Flatwoods monster too, never mind the miss nanny who tells the Hansel and Gret story, Vlad and Mia, and about 20 nuclear launch codes.

I tried to put my camp just next to it, but it stopped spawning random encounters when I did. I moved my camp to just north of abbeys bunker, and just traveled there, and they started popping up again.

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