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Coming Out on Top – Amos Route

Coming Out on Top Amos

(Spoilers) Questions about the Amos route.

…and a wall of text to give context to the questions at the bottom of this post, ha. Bear with me. (No pun intended.)

Yesterday, a friend of mine pointed this game out to me as an example of games coming to Steam he thinks of as cringe-worthy. He’s just not fond of visual novels, while I’m pretty open to those but never played any. A bit of research while dodging spoilers led me to finally try the genre with this game.

Since it’s comparably “in your face” whom the dateable men are, I decided to look at the cast and go for the, to me, visually most pleasing character first in my first approach before just playing around with the options and stuff like achievement hunting. I followed a spoiler-free guide while enjoying the dialogue to unlock the route of Amos and, starting there, went without any guide at all, hoping for a “feel good” kind of playthrough.

So far, it definitely was such a playthrough for the most part. I knew the route seemed “too perfect”, and I knew there would be some kind of “big reveal” challenging that relationship, but when it came to it, the reveal still caught me flat-footed due to its nature. I saved before the response and had to stop playing for now.

Up to that part, I even was able to, at least mostly, relate. I’d even be fine with the reveal if there was one more nuance of response available. I don’t want to just “break up” that route, but I don’t really feel cool with either of “that’s cool, I’m in”, “whatever floats your boat, won’t judge” and “so gross, I need to be insulting”. I’d like to go for something along the lines of “I need time to think and talk with you about it more” – something that isn’t accepting right off the bat, but open-minded and appreciative enough to not be a ♥♥♥♥ or break up immediately. That’s along the lines how I’d react in Mark’s position, and while I know it’s just a game, simply settling for whatever, for something that doesn’t feel “right” to me in a matter of this magnitude, takes away a significant chunk of that “feel good” part.

Thing is, Amos gives off that old-school romantic vibe, which usually includes monogamy, which in turn was part of why I could relate to the route. It created vastly different expectations. In turn, I was taken aback by his “I didn’t have the balls to be up-front about this, but if it’s going to happen, this is going to be an open relationship because of a not-about-the-sex-but-still-sex wrestling fetish” reveal coming more or less out of the blue.

I completely get that from a writer’s point of view, it’s quite the plot twist and is most probably meant to cause this kind of reaction, among others. It just frontally collides with my hopes for a “feel good” first playthrough full throttle, so to speak, due to the lack of that one dialog option. So, to finally get to my questions:

Does this route have any possible outcomes outside of “open relationship” and “breakup”?
Is there any possible development, even if not outright monogamous or the like, that might restore the “feel good” vibe for my first playthrough?
If the answer to the second question is “possibly”, how do I need to respond to Amos’ reveal?

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to your answers.

The answer from the developers

Yes, there are four different endings, in fact. One romantic (and that is monogamous), one sexual, one surreal, and one bad ending. The Amos route is built a bit differently in that it has fewer dead ends and tracks your choices and ultimately pushes you to one of those endings depending on how you’ve played.

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