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Custom Maid 3D 2 Installation instructions

Custom Maid 3D 2 Install

Sybaris with all necessary Plugins and AIO update included, rewrote the guide. Be aware that this is a guide to get VR running – I know there is a more recent Sybaris / other updates available but this is the one that works!! (got just minor bugs, like buttons doing the wrong thing sometimes..).

This guide is for Custom Maid 3D 2 version 1.59.1.

  1. Get 2018 release Custom Maid 3D 2 1.551
  2. Extract it to your favorite location on your main disk or VR can make trouble running
  3. Change the computer region to Japanese: Win 10: Control panel > Region & Language > Administrative Language Settings > Change System Locale to Japan > restart
  4. Run set_install_directory.bat file under CM3D2 folder
  5. Return Locale Region to your actual region and restart
  6. Download and decompress under Downloads/ folder the following utils:

Install Sybaris / NTLEA and update the game:

  • Copy Sybaris/ folder to CM3D2/ folder. Copy opengl32.dll from x64/ folder to CM3D2/ folder
  • Launch the Kiss Patcher called update, click on the right button, press “ok” and search the folder you installed CM3D2 in, press ok, let it patch (right button).
  • Start ntleasWin.exe > click AppPath […] and browse to CM3D2.exe (for VR don’t run the 64 version!) at CM3D2/ folder > open then click the left arrow on the bottom <- to save the launcher on the desktop or wherever you want, Save & exit.

Launch Steam VR first then start game with the created Launcher, checkbox VR. Enjoy!

Errors / Difficulties: If you get an error launching the created .exe saying no support for this EXE move the game to your Main Disk where Windows is installed and repeat step 4. HTC Vive: Sometimes you have to press the trackpad more than a second for a leftclick registration, I thought at first the game is broken…


  • If you don’t want chu-b skills, remove files ending with *_cbp from CM3D2/GameData/
  • If you have saved games, copy SaveData/ folder to CM3D2/ folder
  • If you need any mod, copy them to Sybaris/Gamedata/ folder

One other observation: “ToggleTranslationKey=f10”. when you hit f10 -> the next dialogue is in Japanese. Now hit it again and it will change to faster and better translations!

Some observations from ghostgiter:

  • First time you run the game will take a while, be patient
  • Yes, the game is not the ultimate version with all DLC, but it is close.
  • Male Uncensor and Pubic Hair are from old HFpatch. Maybe outdated but better than the cylindrical ugly penis that came with the torrent
  • Other error I have found is that for some of the positions in some of the rooms, the camera is far away from action. Don’t know how to fix it

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