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Fap Titans

Fap Titans

Game information:

  • Genre: MMORPG, Anime, Arcade, Session
  • Type: Browser
  • Technology: 2D, Flash

Fap Titans is a browser-based clicker that is specifically made for adults, located in the area of the eroticism of different types.

Gameplay and Feature

The game is an endless clicker, designed for many sessions, and can be played in the browser. If work is boring, this guarantees a pleasant pass time. Since clicking without stopping would be boring, the project also has Heroes – brave female characters that help you fight against a lot of monsters. Each character is fighting for a cash reward from you.

Some heroes will come to you pretty quickly, some you will have to dig up, but each new girl causes more damage to enemies, helping you to quickly earn gold. Each of the defeated villains on every level gives a certain amount of money. The rewards increase with every level passed.

But with each increase in rewards comes an increase in the strength of your opponents, so you need to farm more and more to keep up with progress. To more effectively kill evil enemies, you have access to the special skills of characters. Although they come in a limited number, these skills are effective. The increasing of the number of clicks per second and the total damage is especially effective against bosses.

Every 5 levels you are met by one boss with the General Health strongly exceeding the level of the usual opponents. But the stronger the enemy, the higher is the reward for killing it, which now consists not only of gold and a few gems but also a valuable chest. The reward in the chest depends on your luck. It can be anything from additional gold to valuable and interesting things for the players of the new in-game structure, namely collected erotic cards.

Maps are not only entertaining, occupying users indefinitely, but also make sense in their collecting. After all, for each collected card collection, you will be given a reward in addition to gold and even a special award.

Apart from the usual characters in the game, there are also Superheroes that give additional strengthening characteristics by type of damage Rate per second or increase the damage from each of your clicks. Each superhero can come to you from special chests that you can buy for diamonds, the internal currency. Diamonds are difficult to get, but each of them provides almost every opportunity to improve the conditions for a comfortable game. Progressing without Donat is difficult, but it is possible, because it is not a mandatory method of progress.

Also in Fap Titans there are daily tasks, for the performance of which you can get money, diamonds, and even damage amplifiers. So all your actions in the game will be rewarded.


As mentioned earlier, this is a browser game but because the competitive element is required, you have a day to perform a number of tasks to earn points to surpass opponents in many ways. To do this, you will need to develop your characters, pass levels, and improve your castle.

Each boss will give you 5 points, every 10 levels – 10 points, improvement of heroines – 1 point every 25 levels, rebuilding the world – 25 points, and many other actions will give you additional points. The multiplayer will stand out in several leagues. You will first need to get in those leagues because initially all players are at the 0 mark and each action raises you higher and higher up the ladder of the standings. All are stages range from 100 to 51 for which players receive no reward, but this gives the players the opportunity to rise further, assuming the roles of others.

Next is the Silver League, where players have the opportunity to get an amount of gold for continuous play throughout the day. Also, you are given a card to improve your character, which gradually removes her clothes.

The following leagues, Gold and Top, provide all the same gifts, but in larger numbers: Gold League – x2, Top – X3. For total victory, you will have to reincarnate your world as often as possible to take a higher place in the ranking. But it will not be easy, because the constant competition will put your fingers and mouse to a test.


For those who want to spend time relaxing in front of the monitor, it is unlikely to fulfill these expectations in this game. However, this game can provide other emotions, especially as a mechanic. The game is not meditative, but summons you to battle and your reaction speed, providing a high reward for your efforts.

Fans of the clicker genre will definitely like it, but if you are only attracted to cards, then this project should not be missed since there is a huge collection of arts. So, join the battle and defeat the villains by mastering the heroines.

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