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Honey Select – Character Card Sharing Thread

Honey Select Card

This is where you can share cards of you characters!

Other sites that have cards listed below

  • (Honey♥Select character uploader) – Link
  • (Hongfire Honey♥Select – Character Upload Thread) – Link
  • (4Chan /h/ Threads (CTRL – F “Honey”)) – Link
  • (4Chan /vg/ Threads (CTRL – F “Hentai”)) – Link
  • (Booru Card Database) – Link
  • (4.3gig Illusion collection Rip (As of October) – Link
  • (Other packs located in the pastebin)

When hosting cards please use a service like Imgur for safety reasons

Also if cards has a source please include it, Happy Fapping

Original Link – Continuation of discussion

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