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Honey Select Mods

Honey Select Mods

Safe Modding Practices: A Guide to Keep Your Sanity in Check.

Preface: This guide will teach you how to prepare for modding, where to get mods, and what to watch out for so you don’t end up doing a complete reinstall.

This guide will not teach you how to make mods.

Hello! I am Shinidockuman, a name that means nothing and is nothing ie: it’s an alias. I’m and active member and lurker in all HS communities ever since the original Japanese game launch, and it has been in my best interest to help lost patrons. I love seeing what people are able to create out of this adult sandbox because I myself am not capable or patient enough of such.

With the release of HSU, Fakku’s localized version of Honey Select, plenty of people are quick to grab the goodies and start pumping it with the multitude of user created content a-la mods.

There are over thousands of mods, yet Honey Select wasn’t built to support the magnitude of modifications due to a limited number of item slots available. This issue will be covered at the end of the guide.


Honey Select Unlimited

This is the most important step. Many people go into modifying this game without preparing a backup. Sure, the game may be pretty large, especially once you’ve obtained DLC 1 and DLC2, but a backup will save you literally hours or days of headaches.

After installing Honey Select and have updated with official patches, create a folder copy of it. This is your vanilla copy.

Mod Manager

Woah woah! What!?

A Mod manager? YES! Either Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) or Ov Generic Mod Enabler (OVGME). Take your pick. Personally, I believe new users should use OVGME because it’s more user friendly thank JSGME, but I use JSGME.

How do these work? After reading up on how to install the thing, it will allow you to place mods into folders to mimic the folder structure of your Honey Select folder. When installing mods, the program will take a snapshot and backup any files the mod replaces. So when you uninstall mods, files that were replaced will be returned. This allows you to quickly install and uninstall individual mods, very good when you need to locate a problematic mod.

However, should the original file fail to be restored, that’s where your personal backup comes into play. These will mostly be your game EXEs and specific DLL files that are modified after installing mods.

Having a mod manager will allow you to keep your mods organized instead of shoved into the same folder. Mods are designed to call for specific files, and sometimes you won’t be able to find those files through name alone.

Mod Hunting

Now that you’re prepared, the first place to look for mods is the pastebin.

This pastebin is safe to use as the mods and resources were hand picked by the document owner. However, because they are hand picked, the owner misses quite a lot of niche mods and studio related items. Because of this, you may have to search the source.

  • 2Chan :: Some prominent members upload mods around here, but you must search through archives. Search ハニーセレクト
  • 4chan :: Some of the prominent english modders were born in this filth. Be warn, you are not special here, but you might be able to find gold every now and then.
  • Anime-sharing :: The back-up in case Hongfire goes down.
  • Fakku Discord :: They have a section specifically for Honey Select and a list of mods that are confirmed to work.
  • Hongfire :: The original place for mod releases. Home of most of the popular mods.
  • Illusion Card Booru :: A fan booru containing cards and scenes from illusion games. Mods are sometimes listed or linked here.
  • Pixiv :: Check the ハニーセレクト tab. Some modders only post here, or to the Japanese uploader.
  • :: Japanese community hub for sharing content, and modding support for mod creators. Home of the Japanese modders.
  • UU-GG :: Chinese community hub for sharing content and mods. They use a virtual currency system which you can earn by logging in each day. After earning enough coins, you must buy contribution points to unlock the privilege of replying to unlock post content.
  • Unofficial Illusion Discord :: Linked somewhere on the sidebar. A general hub for Illusion games for western fans. Home of a lot of studio related mods.
  • :: Random collection of mods by the Japanese community.


Mods you must get

  • GGmod Comes with all you need to enable modding.
  • IPA 3.3 or above Updated mod loader. Required for plugins to work. Is also more updated than the one included with GGMod.
  • Widesliders Enables you you edit characteristics past the limit
  • HiR Required to load custom items as studio items.

Graphical patches

  • SBX You must install this before any other graphical mods. Some popular clothes depend on this for the custom body meshes they use to work, otherwise you’ll get a strange looking labia.
  • 4K Diffuse Smooths the skin and ramps up the resolution to 4k. Also removes the game’s “haze” giving you more clarity at even low resolutions. New folders are added inside the UserData folder allowing you tweak the graphics even more.
  • Linear Rendering Experiment Does the same thing as the Diffuse pack, but comes with additional settings allowing you to tweak the lighting and color balance even more. Also includes a super saturated skin for use with the default settings. Enables the use of HSIBL which allows you to light of the scene using special cubemaps. You must read up on how to use this however since it is not prepared for use out of the box. This mod also replaces the default character with the modder’s personal girl…

Regarding 4k and LRE. You can only choose one or the other. 4K is recommended for general use while LRE is recommended for those who want to try and make their character look as real as possible in photographic backgrounds.

Now you’re ahead of the game! But wait, what’s this last section for?


Not all mods work on Honey Select Unlimited. Please see the Fakku forum or the Fakku discord for more information. Attempting to mod the game with mods intended for later versions of the game may cause your menus to break, or characters lose all textures and become ghastly white.

The amount of mods means there will be ID conflicts. Honey Select uses an ID system to make saving and loading data from cards much quick and easier. When there are multiple mods that uses the same ID, the item may not show up at all or load incorrectly.

At the same time, there’s an issue called** CAB-String** which is a unique identifier for each mod file. If two share the same cabstring, one of the mods will not be loaded. This can only be fixed with SB3UGS, an illusion editing tool used mainly by modders.

Fixing ID conflicts

Some mods use an expanded slot ID system. However, this only works on later versions of the game. Mods that use these will usually make a note of it.

HS_SlotID allows you to list your installed mods and the IDS they used. Good for manually checking ID conflicts and moving them elsewhere. Please refer to this guide on how to use this tool.

Please note: Cards will not attempt to load the new IDS, only the IDs they were saved tih.

Or you can use HS Conflict Resolver This utility will scan installed mods and attempt to automatically assign them new IDs. You can choose a single mod to assign, or everything. However, the PROs use it to identify mods they can uninstall with a mod manager. This program will usually crash if there’s a mod uninstalled incorrectly.

Please note: Any messages pertaining to 00.unity3d is a false positive and should be ignored.

  • Mod Packs

No. Just no. Unless the mods are in their original file structures, don’t download any pre-packaged mod packs. If you do not reach up on anything, you end up destroying everything. There has been countless users installing LRE because it was included in the pack, but because they never read up on it, their game ends up looking extremely washed out with no easy way of going back without reinstalling.

Which is why back-ups are important!

And there you have it. I will not respond to messages.

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