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Hallownest Essence Guide – Hollow Knight

This guide aims to cover details regarding essence collection in Hollow Knight. In particular, this guide will give the basics of dream nail use to collect essence, the total (known) essence in the game, the locations...

Path of Pain Pointers – Hollow Knight

Having just completed the new ‘Path of Pain’ portion of the White Palace, I figured I would leave a few general tips for the platforming nightmare we’ve been graced with. You don’t really need...

Mask Shard Locations – Hollow Knight

I’m just gonna explain every single one of them: 1-4. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth (easy enough) 5. Defeat Brooding Mawlek In Forgotten Crossroads. 6. In Bretta’s house. 7. The right side of the Queen’s Station. 8...