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Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run
  • Name: Angry Gran Run
  • Category: Racing, Arcade, Runner
  • Developer: Ace Viral
  • Current Version: 1.77.0
  • Requires Android: 3.0+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Angry Gran Run – a runner for Android, which has already received great success thanks to the ease of management and funny main character – the Evil Grandmother. You have to run from a psychiatric clinic in which the grandmother was placed. To run, you will be in many cities because running away from one hospital, grandma is thrown in another.

In the game, you don’t just run on a straight road but also have time to dodge many obstacles, such as passers-by, barricades and huge pits. Also, do not forget that the grandmother is not too clear in the head because she will see huge dinosaurs, zombies and other monsters.

For each race in the game, you will receive some money, and once you save it up, it is possible to get the grandmother new clothes, strengthen her running characteristics or change other characters. Help your grandmother to move through the streets because she is now poorly oriented in the area.

The main thing is not to stop, run, run and run. Collect bonuses, overcome obstacles and fight with punks. Do not forget about the possibility of disguise – about 70 different costumes are available, from hippie Granny to Granny zombies and more. You will have to explore different cities of the country, monuments, and temples – you just do not stop. Show me what your angry Grandma can do.

Download Angry Gran Run for Android

Download Angry Gran Run MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.77.0

Download Angry Gran Run MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.75.0

Download Angry Gran Run MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.74.1

Download Angry Gran Run MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.72.0

Download Angry Gran Run MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.70

Download Angry Gran Run MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.69

Download Angry Gran Run from Google Play

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