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Card Wars – Adventure Time

Card Wars - Adventure Time Android
  • Name: Card Wars – Adventure Time
  • Category: Action, Desktop, Card Board games, On cartoons
  • Developer: Cartoon Network
  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Card Wars – Adventure Time on Android is a beautifully made card game. The characters were borrowed from the cartoon “Adventure Time”. The popularity of this cartoon is very high!

You have Corn Knights, a Super Dog, an Immortal Maize Walker and even a Pig at your disposal. In the game, there are special decks waiting for you, various magic spells, and the most improbable opponents. Build towers, collect your decks and combine them with others, cast spells and win! Every time you win, you get a title so move forward to the victories.

Battles take place on a special magic board. This is not an ordinary card strategy, so the rules of passage are completely different. The process cannot be understood immediately, but you will be able to understand it over time. The game world is divided into different levels, which are displayed on a single world map. All the characters of the animation are also in this universe, and when you meet them, you can get very important tips on passing and creating the most successful strategies.

You will have to play different games with each character. In the most recent match, the opponent displays all his secrets, showing all his talent and potential at once. Do not expect leniency in such a battle but if you manage to win, you receive a card of the hero you fought. This can be used to change the look and get the skills that the opponent had. Each action and battle requires a certain amount of energy, and its maximum reserve constantly increases with every new level. Therefore, learn to plan your actions, saving not only energy but also time. Good Luck!

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