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Dictator: Revolt

Dictator: Revolt
  • Name: Dictator: Revolt
  • Category: Strategy, Manager, Simulator, Logical
  • Developer: Tigrido
  • Current Version: 1.5.7
  • Requires Android: 4.1+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Dictator: Revolt – a strategy game for Android, where you happen to take on the role of a real dictator who came to power in a small state after a military coup. In this game, we have to deal with the management of the country.

But don’t think that it will be easy to keep; it is necessary to observe the perfect balance of the mood of the inhabitants of your country, otherwise, the second revolution may happen, and then you will have a bad. To establish order in the country, you have to evenly distribute resources between: police, oligarchs, army, human rights activists, people, and family.

The game has two of the most important resources. First, the love of citizens to the head of the country, and secondly, it is a stock of money in the country. If suddenly you cannot calculate the money, there will be a revolution, followed by the overthrow of the head – that is you. Similar results can be achieved after several conspiracies that are not in compliance with the rules and interests of one of the above groups.

The difficulty of the game is that if you invite one of the groups to solve the problems, then you will only be able to solve the problem correctly and change anything for one of the groups. For example, if you decide to give more money to one of the factions, the rating will increase only one faction, and all the others will react negatively to your decision. If you can achieve the popularity of one faction, then each of your subsequent moves will be accompanied by a replenishment of funds.

Developers “Dictator: Revolt” have prepared for you more than a thousand game events and situations that require the decision of the ruler, so don’t relax. Although, with a skillful and cautious approach, it is quite possible to remain in power for many years, having entered the history of the state as a strong and worthy ruler.

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