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Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving Android
  • Name: Dr. Driving
  • Category: Racing, Simulators
  • Developer: SUD Inc.
  • Current Version: 1.54
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3+
  • Updated: 06.06.2019

Game description

Dr. Driving – This is a car simulator for Android, in which you have to show your driving skills. In the game you have to perform these tasks, in addition – try not to fall into the field of view of the police, otherwise, there will be a penalty and the lost level increases.

And we need to do the following: Park the car at the specified location, drive passengers and just drive the streets of the city performing various types of tasks in which you can show how skillfully you can drive a vehicle.

The game features a view from the cockpit, which, combined with nice graphics, gives the project maximum realism. You must follow the directions and obey your Navigator, indicating the direction.

Remember that each mission, even if it is short, must be performed not only clearly but also on a certain schedule. It will indicate the time in which you have to get to the end point and complete the task. Jobs pay a maximum of 1,000 coins of in-game currency. But just saving money will not work, there will be costs.

Smashed the car?

Send the car for repair and pay for the work.

Download Dr. Driving for Android

Download Dr. Driving MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.54

Download Dr. Driving MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.53

Download Dr. Driving MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.52

Download Dr. Driving MOD (Money/Unlock) v.1.51

Download Dr. Driving from Google Play

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