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Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder Android
  • Name: Jurassic Park Builder
  • Category: Simulation, Economic
  • Developer: Ludia Inc.
  • Current Version: 4.9.0
  • Requires Android: 4.0+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Jurassic Park Builder is a legendary strategy game in which you can recreate your own park, where you can bring new species of dinosaurs and attract new tourists to your island. One of the most important features of the strategy will be the creation of new species of dinosaurs, the DNA of which you will receive from drops of amber you find. You can select four species of dinosaurs to create, namely ones that eat plants, fish, meat, and seafood. After you breed a lot of dinosaurs you need to build new hangars to keep them.

You become the owner of the Dinosaur Park, which can provide for about one hundred dinosaurs. As the owner of the park, you will have to ensure that its inhabitants always have food.

Guests can come to your park to admire your dinosaurs. If you develop the tourism sector, more and more visitors will come. But guests need something to keep them entertained and therefore you need to spend effort on the decoration of the park and its development. The useful “Code Red” mode will open when you grow five carnivorous animals. This mode allows you to get more money from the visits of tourists and will prevent your pets from escaping.

To create a glacier park, will have to go through 19 levels. You will get help from familiar characters who will give you tasks. In Jurassic Park Builder, you can play with your friends in real time and you get the opportunity to visit them, exchange gifts, and help in the development of their parks.

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