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Legendary Warrior

Legendary Warrior
  • Name: Legendary Warrior
  • Category: Action, Action RPG
  • Developer: Zonmob Game Studio
  • Current Version: 1.0.13
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Legendary Warrior gives you the opportunity to feel like a brave hero, traveling through unreal worlds, fighting monsters, and in every world, there is a boss. The hero has the opportunity to use combat techniques, weapons, jumps, perform tricks, but do not forget about the sword, which may be needed in close combat.

Get ready for the most legendary war that awaits players around the world. Collect an incredible number of monsters and dive into the passage of epic adventures. You are waiting for the dark times of the era when humanity will fight against the forces of darkness. Try to pass hundreds of levels of these tests, and to reach the final Boss, you will have to use your skills and abilities of the hero.

Gameplay for Legendary Warrior: You will need to periodically clear one card after another from a certain number of monsters, and for this, the user will receive money and crystals that will be required to increase the combat abilities of the hero. Find new abilities that will give the hero amazing tricks, and go through three dozen locations, which will be a lot of enemies and huge bosses. For the players, there are nice graphics in the format of cartoons and quite an entertaining story with bright battles.

Gold will fall from the dead monsters, and you can buy new weapons, equipment, and discover interesting talents. While the presence of improved equipment is not particularly important in the battle against ordinary opponents; in battles with bosses, strong protection will help to withstand crushing blows. The entire campaign will include separate missions located in different parts of the map.

Game Features:

  • Three dozen interesting locations.
  • Gradual character improvement.
  • Huge selection of combat equipment and protection.
  • User-friendly interface and nice graphics.

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