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Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG

Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG Android
  • Name: Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG
  • Category: Role Playing, Action, RPG, Online
  • Developer: flaregames
  • Current Version: 2.9.2
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3+
  • Updated: 05.06.2019

Game description

Nonstop Knight – a good RPG-game for Android.   Dangerous and fascinating adventures, together with the valiant knight await you! You have to get into the underworld, where evil is in charge: the walking dead, treacherous shamans and other creatures that will not welcome your appearance. The special skills of the hero will help you cope with them in battle. Collect jewels, earn points, become the bravest warrior,  and lead the ranking of top players!

The gameplay in the game involves the destruction of all enemies. At every three levels, there is a boss, after the destruction of which remains a chest with a valuable artifact. This item can be used by the character to increase its characteristics. The main character has 3 slots for abilities. Each learned ability must be further developed in 5 directions.

Explore the game world, look for adventures, friends, and enemies. Kill opponents, fight Bosses and coordinate your actions with friends. Perform feats, win prizes and earn gold. Also unlock new abilities, game items, and new characters.

Download Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG for Android

Download Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG MOD (Money/Unlocked) v.2.9.2

Download Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG MOD (Money/Unlocked) v.2.8.0

Download Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG MOD (Money/Unlocked) v.2.7.0

Download Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG MOD (Money/Unlocked) v.2.5.0

Download Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG from Google Play

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