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Panda Pop

Panda Pop
  • Name: Panda Pop
  • Category: Puzzle, Logical, Arcade
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Current Version: 7.7.010
  • Requires Android: 4.1+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Panda Pop for Android – a fascinating arcade game with aesthetic two-dimensional graphics. The game plot is designed to rescue and save the few and unusual, natural forest pandas. All of the pandas stole the cruel baboons. The scoundrels locked the unfortunate Panda cubs in multicolored bubbles and hooked them on the branches of a palm tree. Only you will be able to save and to protect the young bamboo bears.

Control of the game is not multifunctional; you can use the pointer to choose the location for shooting. If you can get a ball of a certain color, there will be an explosion in the bunch of bubbles of the same color, and the site will be cleared, after which you will be awarded bonus points and most importantly, you will be able to release the pandas.

For each task, you have to complete a certain number of points. You need to look carefully at the balls and accurately run the ball through the bunch of the same bubbles of a particular color. Release the cubs for Panda-mom, who is most interested in their release.

You will have a long journey in 250 different levels, which will be held in one breath. When you manage to pass insanely difficult levels, you can apply additions, for example, special shells that can destroy a lot of bubbles of different colors. You will receive special rewards and bonuses. Manage to save all the cubs, and Panda mom will be very happy.

Panda Pop has more than a thousand levels. Some of them are incredibly simple, while others are more complex. You’ll have to think anyway! Invite your friends to the game and prove to them that you are the best of all possible rescuers of Panda cubs!

Download Panda Pop for Android

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Download Panda Pop from Google Play

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