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Plants vs. Zombies FREE

Plants vs. Zombies FREE Android
  • Name: Plants vs. Zombies FREE
  • Category: Strategy, Arcade, Tower Defense
  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Current Version: 2.4.00
  • Requires Android: 4.1+
  • Updated: 05.06.2019

Game description

Plants vs. Zombies on Android – Get ready for nerve-wracking battles with zombies. Only this time, instead of using guns and shotguns like you would in other games, you’ll use plants… more precisely, everything related to the world of plants, including vines and leaves.

Zombies have decided to attack the house of the farmer who lives next to you, so you have to protect the house from the invasion. To do this, all kinds of plants are available, and there is a variety of things from which you can build different weapons from plants. Great graphics, funny animation sequences, and a hilarious storyline will entertain you for hours.

There are 50 levels, 26 types of zombies, and several game modes (day, night, practice). Don’t forget to collect coins, which you can use to buy deadly weapons. Amazing music makes the game all the more fun. Enjoy!

Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE for Android

Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE MOD (Infinite Sun/Coins) v.2.4.00

Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE MOD (Infinite Sun/Coins) v.2.3.30

Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE MOD (Infinite Sun/Coins) v.2.3.10

Download Plants vs. Zombies FREE MOD (Infinite Sun/Coins) v.2.1.00

Download Plants vs. Zombies Free from Google Play

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