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Radical Rappelling

Radical Rappelling Android
  • Name: Radical Rappelling
  • Category: Arcade, Time Killers
  • Developer: Halfbrick Studios
  • Current Version:
  • Requires Android: 4.1+
  • Updated: 05.06.2019

Game description

Radical Rappelling on Android is a casual project on the theme of adrenaline descent from a steep mountain. The main character of this arcade fixes the equipment on the top, checks its reliability and proceeds to the extreme descent to the foot of the slope.

The difficulty is that from the top of the virtual mountain, the climber is constantly approaching flaming lava, and therefore he gets delays and has to be very cautious – the life of the character depends on the dexterity of the user.

In the arcade, game currency is hovering in the air rocks. Obstacles, such as spikes should be avoided as the collision will lead to the death of the protagonist. Actually, beware of the dangers and do not reduce the rate of downhill during the entire interaction with the environment in the gameplay.

The control system, taking into account the causality of the new item, is reduced to standard touches of the screen – after each touch, the climber starts from static platforms and makes a jump to the coveted bonus, which is enough in the game.

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