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Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing Android
  • Name: Ridiculous Fishing
  • Category: Arcade, Fish
  • Developer: Vlambeer
  • Current Version:
  • Requires Android: 2.3+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Ridiculous Fishing – excellent fishing arcade, the originality of which is visible in everything from graphics to gameplay. You have to play the role of an old but professional angler.

However, the game is not limited to only ordinary catching fish on the hook. It is not enough to catch the fish on a hook – it needs to be shot in flight. That’s how you will fix your next trophy – a control shot from a shotgun. The spectacle is exciting and colorful, especially if your catch is a small fish a few centimeters long. To get into this, you need to make every effort.

The game can be divided into four main stages:

Step 1 – throw the hook the most correctly. At the same time, it is desirable to seek out a larger prey, trying not to catch the trifle. Depending on how far you throw the hook, you’ll have a better chance of grabbing the big fish;

Stage 2 – the actual fishing. As soon as the fish gets on the hook, pull it with all your might. The control of the game is quite simple;

Stage 3 – pulling the fish to the Board. While the fishing line is being twisted, it is necessary to catch as many fish as possible. This will increase the cost of the catch;

Stage 4 – shooting flying fish. Throw in the air all the caught fish and, armed with a shotgun, start shooting them. The number of dollars will increase with every hit.

In the game, there are improvements and upgrades that will make the fishing procedure even more exciting and interesting.

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