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Ski Safari

Ski Safari Android
  • Name: Ski Safari
  • Category: Arcade, Runner
  • Developer: Defiant Development
  • Current Version: 1.5.4
  • Requires Android: 2.1+
  • Updated: 05.06.2019

Game description

Ski Safari – fun runner on Android, where you will become a little man named Sven, who lived peacefully on a snowy mountain. And suddenly something terrible happened –your house got hit by a snow avalanche! Now Sven does not have a house, but he has skis which he put on and desperately set off, trying to escape from the huge avalanche that rushes after him.

Sometimes, Sven changes the skis for a snowmobile or sled. He can jump and slide – for such tricks, the game provides points. When chasing points, beware of bad landings because you risk losing control of the transportation vehicle and fall.

Sven doesn’t cope with difficulties on his own – animals and birds can help him, sometimes even the Yeti is ready to help! Use their skills to increase the speed of the game. Go through all the missions one by one, get ready for what you need to do as it will be faster and faster, enjoy the pleasant sound design and beautiful graphics. There is snow all around – feel the cold and head to the conquering of the snowy mountains!

The coins you collect on the way will significantly improve your life, you can upgrade both your wardrobe and snowboard. Collect points and increase your ranking. This is very helpful for tricks while flying on animals or attempting a steep descent on a snowboard.

Download Ski Safari for Android

Download Ski Safari MOD (Unlimited Coins) v.1.5.4

Download Ski Safari from Google Play

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