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Troll Face Quest Unlucky

Troll Face Quest Unlucky Android
  • Name: Troll Face Quest Unlucky
  • Category: Puzzle, Quest
  • Developer: Spil Games
  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Requires Android: 5.0+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Troll Face Quest Unlucky will allow you to organize the best jokes and funny situations for the poor and unfortunate Trollface. At each new level, you will be tasked with creating a trap as dangerous as possible in the fewer number of moves. Starting the level, you need to quickly get acquainted with the terrain and determine what is the next dirty trick that you can create with the help of available items. Charge positive for the whole day and learn to make fun of your friends with the help of this puzzle.

Your character got in trouble and was kidnapped by a crafty and cynical criminal, from whom he needs to escape. Without your participation in the game he won’t be able to make it – at each level, you will have to set a trap for Trollface. It is important not only to do it but also not to make unnecessary moves. Puzzles, black humor, rough jokes, and memes – all this awaits in the game! The game itself does not have impressive graphics and the visual design may seem simple, but the quests will be quite interesting.

If you are smart, you can solve the puzzle by yourself, if not, there are helpful tips. However, you get a limited number of them. And remember – do not look for logic in the actions of the protagonist, everything is built on humor!

Become a real master of trolling!

Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky for Android

Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky MOD (Unlimited Hints) v.1.5.0

Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky MOD (Unlimited Hints) v.1.4.1

Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky MOD (Unlimited Hints) v.1.3.3

Download Troll Face Quest Unlucky from Google Play

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