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Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary
  • Name: Zombie Diary
  • Category: Arcade, Shooter, Zombie
  • Developer: Mountain Lion
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Requires Android: 3.0+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Zombie Diary – in the story, you will be the last survivor on earth, and now you need to get rid of hundreds and even thousands of the walking dead. Take up more powerful arms and go kill all the living dead who you will meet on the levels. And at the end of each level, you will fight with huge bosses that will drop coins and crystals. You will need all of them in the future to improve your character and buy new weapons.

The game takes place in 2013. Humanity lives without a sense of fear, without feeling the impending disaster, when suddenly there is an outbreak of a terrible virus. The mutagen that breaks free from the laboratories turns people into walking dead, demanding flesh. The peaceful green-blue planet turns into hell. You have to be in this time and feel like one of the fighters.

As a zombie shooter, you will have the opportunity to choose your character among five available, each of which has special survival skills. You can equip 24 types of guns and will need to pass 4 cards with a huge number of missions. Become the coolest zombie destroyer and modify your hero to the maximum to improve dozens of skills.

Your goal is to kill all infected people, clear the planet from the virus and save humanity.

Game Features:

  • 24 types of firearms;
  • 5 main characters to choose from;
  • 4 maps;
  • 5 skills that can be improved;
  • A variety of modes;
  • Excellent graphics and music.

Go on an unforgettable journey and try to save humanity, become the hero of the legend which is written in the diary!

Download Zombie Diary for Android

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