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Dunk Line

Dunk Line

Dunk Line was invented for the real fans of the game of basketball. When you need a whole team to play basketball, in this mobile version, the developers have taken care to ensure the gameplay could be alone.

As for the interface toys, everything is minimized. The game is not full of bright colors. On a white screen with red dots displayed on the basketball ring, the ball is clearly visible. For gameplay, this is enough.

The farther in the game we take the user; the more obstacles he will fall into in his way. For example, will meet bombs, and will be given certain tasks. These puzzles must be held, earning the maximum number of points. Otherwise, the meaning of the game is lost.

In fact, the game Dunk Line is much more difficult than it may seem to the player at first glance. It is not only necessary to throw the balls in the basketball basket, but also to avoid obstacles and earn the most points and bonuses. The more points the user can get during the game, the more levels he can pass. This is the whole point of the game in the Dunk Line.

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