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Grandpa is a horror game, the goal of which is to get out of a closed house alive. The evil grandfather, who is negative against his grandson, wants to kill him. To do this, he will make every effort. You have to play for his grandson while finding a variety of places where it can be the easiest way to hide from the escalated deadly disaster.

What to do?

Pass through the premises of a closed house quietly and silently. If there is a subject, drop, or else, a rustle, then the Santa will come. You can hide in the closet to ensure the evil old man did not find you. If you find a syringe on your way, you can inject it to your grandfather. It is important to slow the movement of Santa as it gives you strength for active movement to find a way out.

Graphics and music

Everything is realistic; the effect of the presentation is made more than now.

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