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Second age: War of Dark Lord

Second age war of dark lord

Game description: the second age: war the Dark Lord:

Second age: war of the Dark Lord-build a city, strengthen the castle, get resources, increase the army and fight against numerous enemies. Challenge the dark forces and their Lord in this Android game. Help people, elves, hobbits, and dwarves defend peaceful lands from orcs and other bloodthirsty enemies. Choose one of the light races and lead her to victory. Each race has strengths and weaknesses, unique structures and types of troops. Develop an effective strategy and win battles. Join alliances to fight against a common enemy.

Peculiar properties:

  • Several times
  • A variety of buildings
  • Powerful magic
  • Large-Scale Battles
  • Play with your friends

Download on Google Play

Download Apk – Android 4.0 and above

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