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Sling Kong

Sling Kong

Sling Kong is a mobile game that I liked a lot.

How is it interesting to users?

It is interesting because it gives the player a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

The essence of the game Sling Kong is to make monkey jump on certain points. These points are distributed throughout the display. It is necessary that the monkey ran or jumped up and further got on one of the points. Thus, it can move around the screen.  Interest in the way of the monkey will encounter obstacles that should be avoided. One of these obstacles will be fire barrels, which will need to be bypassed.

Those who will get tired of playing a monkey, the developers have offered a Koala, bee or other characters, but the player will be able to open these animals only during the game. Thus, the game becomes even more interesting to users.

The game is convenient because the gameplay will need only one finger. Too much strain will not have that again. This is one of the advantages of the Kong toy Sling. About the other advantages of this mobile application, you can find out by downloading it to your mobile phone.

Download Sling Kong on Google Play

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