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Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack On Android

At the end of 2013 Trivia Crack was created for Android developer Etermax from Argentina. A year later, the game gained phenomenal popularity in the US, Canada, and then continued the victorious March across Western Europe. Now Trivia Crack is available in Russia, and the localization considers cultural, historical, geographical, mental features, different correct spelling in subtitles and slang, typical for Russian-speaking audience.

The game takes place in a group of gamers. The winner is the one who will be the first to collect six characters responding to six categories of questions to be answered. Correct answers in the themes “Art”, “History”, “Sport”, “Science”, “Geography”, “Entertainment” is converted into characters. The point at which a team of characters becomes victorious if he correctly answers before the others.

Trivia Crack

The game is characterized by the spirit of competition taking place in the intellectual sphere. This develops the participants ‘ horizons, increases the amount of knowledge, and trains memory. Quiz questions are not one set– they are constantly updated. It is interesting that they are created by the participants of the country for which the localization is intended, after which the questions in the database find the owner, whose name is necessarily indicated. Statistics show that up to 2000 questions are received per day, the total number of active questions is about one million.

The functionality of the game Trivia Crack allows gamers:

  • To deepen and test your knowledge in different areas.
  • Publish your best achievements on Facebook and other social networks.
  • Choose opponents among friends and challenge them to a duel.
  • To communicate during the game using chat.

Trivia Crack Games

To come up with their own questions, to moderate the proposals of other players by setting the boring/fun. “Boring” is not considered for this game.

Participation in the quiz develops strategic vision, in addition, there is an opportunity to use ingenuity. All versions of Trivia Crack are monetized since correct answers are rewarded with coins. The accumulated funds are paid for by four types of bonuses and the possibility of additional promotion at the wheel of choice, which helps to get out of the predicament without losses.

The games animated features which were laid by the developer is worth looking for. Test your strength-the time spent in the intellectual labyrinths of the quiz will not pass in vain.

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