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Underworld Empire

Underworld Empire

Even a small bandit has a dream-to earn the reputation of a real gangster. However, the road to millions of capital, cool cars, and unlimited power is too difficult, because competitors are also not used to sitting on the sidelines. To successfully overcome the path proposed in “Underworld Empire”, your character will have to demonstrate the entire Arsenal of their skills.


The protagonist of “Underworld Empire” was not lucky – during one of the gangster showdown “colleague” gangster craft killed his father. But dad managed to keep the inhabitants of the whole city in fear. After a few years, the desire to establish itself in the criminal world arose in his son.

To lead the city mafia, he will have to enlist the support of a team of the best fighters whose skills require constant improvement. These thugs little arm – they cannot do without the support of the already industrial groups. The goal of your character is quite transparent to put together a strong gang to clean up from competitor’s selected urban area.

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