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Sony Vegas Pro 15 Crack

Sony Vegas Pro 15 Crack

Among the large number of software products that are aimed at processing and creating media content, a special area is occupied by the professional software SONY Vegas Pro 15. The latest version of the platform includes a huge number of modern tools, functions, and add-ons that are widely used in working with video files for video editing.

It is worth noting that the program is commercial and not every user can afford to buy a license agreement. Most of all, the video editor is in demand among professionals who work with real colorful masterpieces. But for those who would like to use the program and not pay, we offer the SONY Vegas Pro 15 Crack.


Unlike other, less powerful programs for creating and editing videos, Sony Vegas Pro 15 is capable of processing content in a variety of formats, including video quality Blu-Ray, and DVD. The software is also able to efficiently handle the fragments with high resolution, including the 4096х4096 format.

Using these mechanisms for video editing, you will have the opportunity to further qualitatively mount the video from several parts, which can be of different formats, extensions, and quality. This is a very convenient function for those who are engaged in gluing different rollers and wants to get a really high-quality product.

In addition to the popularity of the program among the masters of video editing, Sony Vegas Pro 15 Crack is also widely used among designers and web developers, as the capabilities of the software allow them to create high-quality 3D-elements that are actively implemented in all modern areas of the Internet and web applications.

Effects and filters

One of the main advantages of SONY Vegas Pro 15 can be rightly called a huge database of specialized effects, the range of which can make all the programs in this area envious. In total, the basic components of the software include more than two hundred different effects that can turn any video or project into a work of art. Using these effects, including light, which can be applied to the video in automatic mode, even inexperienced editors can quickly convert the desired file into something unrecognizable and give it a unique design move.

Taking into account the skills and needs of different users, SONY Vegas Pro 15 allows you to mount and edit videos in different modes. The 8-bit editing mode is more oriented for beginners, but the 32-bit mode can be safely used by already established video editors.

Also, while editing a video, you can use many different values. For example, change the screen ratio and frame rate, and quickly change the format using the switching hotkeys.

Color adjustment

Adjusting the color scheme of your project is one of the easiest operations in this version of the product. To do this, the program toolbar provides a color disk. By rotating this, you can quickly select the necessary color changes and apply them to your video.

It is safe to say that Sony Vegas Pro 15 is one of the leading programs for editing and creating videos.  It includes all the necessary tools for high-quality and modern processing of media files in various formats. Also, it is worth noting that, unlike other programs in this category, Sony Vegas is not too demanding on the system resources of the computer and takes only 500 MB of hard disk space.

However, for fast processing of video content in high-quality, you still need to have a powerful enough PC, but to solve more simple tasks (cutting, gluing, color correction), even a computer with average parameters is suitable.

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