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Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles Android

Bloons TD Battles – is an interesting strategy in the genre of Tower Defense for Android, which is a PvP-addition to the main version of the game. Bloons TD 5 includes a single player campaign, as well as multiplayer with the ability to play in alliance with a real player. Here, the gameplay is based only on the battles “player against player”.

The task in each mission is to destroy the flying balloons. Targets appear on the map in waves. Each time the type of balls is upgraded – camouflage, armored and combined targets begin to appear.

Users are given a choice of two modes. In both cases, the screen is divided into two parts, and the location is the same for each player. In the first mode, the opponents can send each other extra balls. In the second, we have a level playing field to defend against the same number of goals. The winner is the one who has withstood the waves of balls longer.

For winning, the user receives in-game currency that can be spent on the purchase of new monkeys or to upgrade the old ones.

Hacking Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles Mods and Hack

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