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Diamond Dash Cheats

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash Cheats Tool designed and coded by Team GamesCrack is now free to download. Enjoy the feature-packed hack tool on Facebook, iOS, and Android devices. With this all new powerful Diamond Dash Cheats tool, you can generate infinite gold and unlimited lives. You will also have the privilege of having score bonus, game time speed control, mystic bomb hack, color splash hack and so much more features that you will get to experience for free.

Playing Diamond Dash on Facebook, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod), or any Android device is like playing an arcade game that challenges you with time. The classic feel of having to perform as many matching colored diamonds with speed and accuracy in a minute is priceless. Since this is a social game, players will get to compete for the leaderboards and this is where competition arises. With vivid colors and graphics and simplistic mechanics, Diamond Dash has captivated a lot of gamers around the world.

Diamond Dash Hack Tool

With such a popular Diamond Dash game in front of us, we made it a point to make the best cheats tool for it.  The motive is very simple it is to help out players who are very competitive and who would really love to stand out amongst the competition. The important features and information of Diamond Dash Cheats tool are listed below:

Diamond Dash Cheats Tool Features:

  • One hundred percent working and very effective;
  • Protects the user account from getting penalized while using the hack;
  • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices;
  • Very simple to use — in a matter of few simple clicks the tool works its wonder;
  • Clean and certified virus free from over 40 leading antivirus company;
  • Full support and free updates.

Diamond Dash Cheats Tool v3.4 Changelogs:

  • Generates infinite gold;
  • Generates infinite lives;
  • Time Speed hack;
  • Score Bonus hack;
  • Mystic Bomb hack;
  • Time Bonus hack;
  • Color Splash hack.

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