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Hack 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Hack has several features, but it is the opportunity to compete with real players that have become a major feature of this game because it’s more interesting to play when you face a live opponent.

Here is one of the variants of this game – “pool 8”. Like all other types of Billiards “eight” has its own rules that you must carefully study before you challenge another player. There are fifteen balls of different colors on the billiard table: fourteen colored and one black. Once one of the players breaks the pyramid, each of them has control of half the balls.

The goal of each player is to score all seven of his balls, completing his winning combination in black and do it in this sequence. The player who scores a black ball in the middle of the game is considered the loser.

8 Ball Pool Hack

It’s a simple, easy operation, which the creators of this game on Android paid special attention to. To adjust the force of impact on the screen there is a small slider, and to change its direction you can just touch the display. Players will appreciate the ability to do curve shots.

To master the rules, the developers have provided a special training mode. The game can play “one on one”, and fight in a full tournament with eight players.

With the two-dimensional graphics, each participant can watch the pool table from above. This will allow objectively to estimate your chances and the chances of the opponents. As for music, unfortunately, the game does not have any.

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