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SimCity 2013 Hack Cheats

SimCity 2013

Build the greatest city ever with SimCity 2013 Hack Cheats and impress your friends. It’s free, easy to use, and works perfectly on PC and MAC. This is a small yet powerful hack tool that can be used by anyone playing this game. You need not to grind and spend countless hours building your dream city. This will let you make your city building a lot easier and faster. Moreover, this is safe to use so you won’t have to worry while using it.

SimCity 2013 just like any other online game of the present day utilizes security to help keep the game balanced. However, just like any other human creation, there are flaws on the security implemented by the developer. Thus, SimCity 2013 Hack Cheats tool came into the picture. It exploits it and gives the opportunity for the user to get some advantage.

SimCity 2013 Sandbox Cheats Code

SimCity 2013 Hack

Below are the SimCity 2013 Sandbox Command Cheats. These are simple and easy to use cheat codes that can utilize in the SimCity Sandbox Mode after pressing CTRL + ALT + C.

  • Add 100,000 simoleon to your City Budget – Press ALT + W
  • Fire On/Off – Press ALT + F
  • Crime On/Off – Press ALT + C
  • Sickness & Injuries On/Off – Press ALT + M
  • Air Polution On/Off – Press ALT + A
  • Ground Pollution On/Off – Press ALT + P
  • Homeless Sims On/Off – Press ALT + H
  • Sewage On/Off – Press ALT + S

The above cheat codes only works on the Sandbox Mode, if you want something that will work on all modes without full automated settings. Then simply use the SimCity 2013 Hack Cheats Tool. Please be cautious in using the hack, use it in moderation.

SimCity 2013 Cheats

SimCity 2013 Hack Features:

  • Generates unlimited Simoleons
  • Generates infinite Money
  • Increases population
  • Materials Hack
  • Fame Hack
  • Unlocks all buildings
  • Supports Proxy
  • Fully Undetected
  • Auto-update
  • 100% Effective & Free to download

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