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Slither io

Regardless of age, each of us is familiar with the cult game “Snake”, which, at the time of its glory, decorated literally every mobile phone, ranging from black and white Nokia up to our modern devices equipped with a touch screen for ease of use.

Today, the legendary “Snake” is a part of the glorious past, but the idea and game mechanics are still alive. We are talking about the sensational project It allows the player to plunge into a very familiar universe of snakes while competing with other real players for the championship in the terrarium.


Slither io Hack

After downloading the game to your device, as well as passing a simple registration procedure, the user can immediately start the game.

After the start, players are on the same map, throughout there are scattered colored balls that perform the function of food. As in the “Snake”, by absorbing balls, the worm increases in size, but the speed of its movements increases.

You will fight for food with the other players, whose task is not only to increase in size but also to defeat you.


Slither io Mods Hack is an action puzzle available for download from our website. By downloading it to your mobile device, you will be able to change the skins and decorate your character at will, quickly gaining the desired weight and increasing your rating. The game has a temporary leaderboard, where a new winner is announced daily.


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