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Spiral Knights Hack

Spiral Knights is a massively multiplayer online RPG in which the player controls a knight of the Spiral Knights order, that has crash-landed on the mysterious planet named Cradle. Knights collectively explore the Clockworks, the mechanized, constantly investigating dungeon that fills the planet’s interior. The knights equip armor and weapons to help them in their battles against the strong monsters inhabiting the Clockworks. When they are not exploring, knights trade with each other and with vendors, in order to enhance and improve their gears.

The in-game currency is the crown acquired by killing monsters, opening treasure chests in the Clockworks, and trading with other knights. Crowns are used to purchase items, to craft items, to purchase unique variants for items, and to participate in PVP contests. Knights use a commodity called energy to descend into the Clockworks, to craft items, and to perform certain other tasks within the game. In particular, an organized trading system in the game lets players exchange crowns for crystal energy at rates that fluctuate with demand. Players can also purchase crystal energy using US dollars.

Spiral Knights Hack

Good news is, you can get these energy and crowns without ever bothering to spend any amount of money. With that being said, we proudly present the release of the Spiral Knights Hack 2012. This hack for Spiral Knights will allow you to change the energy variable to any amount desired. Thanks to a newly developed technique, the program is able to operate discretely in Undetectable Mode. This mode makes it completely undetectable, which means there no chance of getting penalized or being ban. It is available for free download only here at

Using the Spiral Knights Hack 2012:

Double click the exe file you just downloaded to launch the hack. You will see three input boxes. In the first one enter the username of your Spiral Knights account. In the second, enter the amount of Energy you wish to have, and lastly, you may enter the amount of crowns you want. For added security, make sure you have enabled the proxy option. Click “Start” and the program will attempt to change the energy and crown quantity of your Spiral Knights account. If successful, it will instruct you to relog. Do so now and you will see that the amount of Energy on your account has changed to the amount you entered. Enjoy!

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