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Wii Points Generator – Free Wii Points Generator


Download Wii Points Generator and enjoy free Nintendo Points for Wii and DSi Channel.  It is easy and safe to use.  Nintendo has been one of the household name of the past as far as gaming and gaming consoles are concern. Their products have claimed worldwide popularity before. Now with great competitions ahead of them, they are also making some good innovations of their own with the release of their flagship console Wii and its online currency in the form of Wii Points. As far as price is concern, it is very competitive however there are those who financially restricted and thus, Wii Points Generator comes into play.

Wii Points Generator

As a gamer, apart from having a Wii console itself, it is very important to have a good amount of Wii Points in your account. It is vital for gameplay since this is where you can buy things from Wii Channels, WiiWare and Virtual Console games.  Aside from those mentioned, this Nintendo points is also needed for a gamer to access “Pay to Play”  contents online much like Xbox Live Gold for Xbox 360. This is where things get a little too hard for casual gamers, but thanks to Wii Points Generator. You can read the complete features of  Wii Points Generator below.


  1. Free to download
  2. Safe and easy to use
  3. Certified and tested virus free
  4. Compatible for both Wii and DSi
  5. Free tool updates

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