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WWE Supercard

WWE Supercard Android

WWE SuperCard – a great sports game in which players in the form of powerful wrestlers will come together in a fierce battle in the arena. At your order, there will be cards of various wrestlers among whom are real-world celebrities with a considerable list of victories and achievements, and invented fighters are presented. Among them, there are even girls who, despite the beauty can win great all opponents.

Hacked game WWE SuperCard will collect a win-win deck of cards, and in the fighting arena, you will not be equal. Among the presented cards, there are those that lower the level of health of your opponents, as well as cards with additional skills and characteristics, such as high-speed strikes and movements, impenetrable protection, great endurance or crushing blows.

The higher the performance of the wrestlers, the more chances you will have to win in this difficult confrontation. The application contains more than 150 types of fighters from whom you can form an invincible team and defeat any opponent.

WWE Supercard Mods and Hack

Train wards, take part in single and pair fights or try your hand at multiplayer mode. In battles, use the strategy of victory. Spending a combination, effectively hit the opponent with fists, toss them about the ring, do rapid attacks with the help of ropes and the blows of the feet, and make many useful improvements and experience points.

Create a League of invincible fighters, pump all their skills, provide improved performance, and take a worthy place among the Champions of the game. The graphics theme of the game is done in a bright and rich palette of colors, with a lot of special effects and a good level of detail. There is a mod Apk for a lot of money.

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