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Fallout 4 Achievement Guide

Current list of all Fallout 4 achievements.

Achievement Guide

These are all the achievements available in the default Fallout 4 game and difficulty does not matter for any of them.

Please feel free too comment with anything I may have missed or if I wasn’t clear enough, and go on, give it a rate 🙂

Main Storyline

Fallout 4

Just follow the main storyline and you will unlock these achievements:

  • War Never Changes – Enter Into The Wasteland
  • Dangerous Minds – Complete The Quest Titled “Dangerous Minds”
  • Hunter/Hunted – Complete The Quest Titled “Hunter/Hunted”
  • When Freedom Calls – Complete The Quest Titled “When Freedom Calls”
  • Unlikely Valentine – Complete The Quest Titled “Unlikely Valentine”
  • Reunions – Complete The Quest Titled “Reunions”

These ones above are unmissable. Setting up a save point before doing Molecular Level is advised so that you can go back to it and get the other endings. Unless of course, you are the type to want to do different endings without the cheap save point method.

  • The Molecular Level – Complete The Quest Titled “The Molecular Level”
  • The Nuclear Option – Complete The Quest Titled “The Nuclear Option”
  • Institutionalized – Complete The Quest Titled “Institutionalized”
  • Mankind-Redefined – Complete The Quest Titled “Mankind-Redefined”
  • Powering Up – Complete The Quest Titled “Powering Up”
  • Nuclear Family – Complete The Quest Titled “Nuclear Family”
  • Prepared for the Future – Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth

Side Quests

Complete the side quests to unlock these achievements.

  • The First Step – Join the Minutemen Faction
  • Semper Invicta – Join the Brotherhood of Steel Faction
  • Tradecraft – Join the Railroad Faction
  • Taking Independence – Complete The Quest Titled “Taking Independence”
  • Old Guns – Complete The Quest Titled “Old Guns”
  • Blind Betrayal – Complete The Quest Titled “Blind Betrayal”
  • Ad Victoriam – Complete The Quest Titled “Ad Victoriam”
  • Rockets’ Red Glare – Complete The Quest Titled “Rockets’ Red Glare”
  • Sanctuary – Complete The Quest Titled “Sanctuary”
  • Underground Undercover – Complete The Quest Titled “Underground Undercover”
  • Gun-For-Hire – Complete 10 Side Quests

Leveling Up

Fallout 4 Girl and Dog

Literally just level up to get these achievements:

  • Born Survivor – Reach Level 5
  • Commonwealth Citizen – Reach Level 10
  • Unstoppable Wanderer – Reach Level 25
  • Legend Of The Wastes – Reach Level 50


All other miscellaneous achievements:

Mercenary -Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

  • Pretty simple, track down 50 different Misc objectives and finish them off

Community Organizer -Ally with 3 Settlements In The Wasteland

  • Help out 3 settlements in The Wasteland and have them ally with you.

Benevolent Leader -Reach Maximum Happiness In A Large Settlement

  • Get a large settlement to Maximum Happiness, ensure they have plenty of power, food, water, beds, decorations and defense points.

Scavver – Gather A Total Of 1000 Resources Used For Crafting

  • Gather a grand total of 1000 resources in junk items lying around used in crafting

What’s Yours Is Mine – Pick 50 Locks

  • Pick your way past 50 locks for this one

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare – Hack 50 Terminals

  • Again just show off your hacking skills 50 times to get this

Armed and Dangerous – Create 50 Weapon Mods

  • Pretty self explanatory, create 50 awesome modifications for your weapons for this

Wasteland D.I.Y. – Craft 100 Items

  • As above just smash out 100 items on the crafting bench for this one

Never Go It Alone – Recruit 5 Individual Companions

  • There are a fair few companions scattered around, just pick up 5 of them to unlock this

Lovable – Reach Maximum Relationship Level With A Companion

  • Raise your relationship with a companion by doing actions they like.

Fix-Er-Upper – Build 100 Workshop Items

  • Just get stuck into the workshop and start building

Future Retro – Play A Holotape Game

  • Just pop a game into your pipboy

The Harder They Fall – Kill 5 Giant Creatures

  • The first two are not at a location as such but out in the wild. I have put screenshots in to help locate these guys for you. Both are Super Mutant Behemoths. The one to the north east of Med Tek Research is summoned by taking the Jangles Monkey out of the car in that location. The other one is out in the open.
  • The second one is a Super Mutant called Swan in his pond near Boston Commons
  • When completing the Old Guns quest for the minutemen there will be a Mirelurk Queen at The Castle
  • Kendall Hospital also holds another Deathclaw
  • Massachusetts Statehouse also holds a second Mirelurk Queen

Ranger Corps – Discover 100 Locations

  • Get some exercise and discover 100 different locations

Print’s Not Dead – Read 20 Magazines

  • Show that people still do read and pick up 20 different magazines from around the wasteland and read them

Prankster’s Return – Placed A Live Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing

  • Get the pickpocket skill to be able to place a live grenade/mine and set it off

M♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – Kill 300 People

  • Show the world what a monster you are and slaughter 300 people

Animal Control – Kill 300 Creatures

  • Terminate with extreme prejudice 300 creatures

They’re Not Dolls… – Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

  • Find 10 of the Bobbleheads

They’re Action Figures – Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

  • Collect all 20 Bobbleheads, refer to above link for a guide to collecting them

Homerun! – Get a Homerun

  • Travel to Diamond City and find the pitch markers on the ground, the first is as you walk down the stairs. Just follow them around the city to end up back at the start and complete the homerun.

Touchdown! – Get a Touchdown

  • This one requires you to get killed by a Super Mutant Suicider or Mini Nuke from a Fat Man.

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