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Cambridge Polymer Labs Super Power Armour?

Fallout 4 Cambridge Polymer Labs

Sinking my teeth into Fallout once again, because its friggin awesome. I’m at the Cambridge Polymer Labs, the mission is to find another way out of the lab and carry out experiments. I have killed the mutated people, killed Molly who offered me a job then turned into an evil bot (as they do). I have collected all the unidentified samples in the flasks and tested them. I have Hydro acid, Lithium hydride, tungsten, gold, and cobalt.

Im pretty sure you mix these materials and you can make super power armor, well that’s what the email material seemed like when I was reading the terminals. Has anyone done this? Interesting quest. There is another empty test capsule near the terminal saying “Need isotope sample”.

Does anyone know where you can get the isotope sample or where you can find one? It’s late at night and a bit brain fried.

Thanks in advance.

Best Tips

The power armor chest is a good power armor chest, especially if you’re still stuck with T-45 armor. The reagents needed, gold and lithium hydride go in the holder to the left of the computer. The nuclear isotope goes in holder to the right.

To get it you must unlock the reactor, kill a glowing feral ghoul, then retrieve the sample on the other side of the room. The radiation will kill you unless you’re wearing power armor or you don the hazmat suit found in one of the rooms.

I used to always find that hazmat suit, so I could get whatever girlfriend I had to remove all her clothes, but that, as they say, is another story.

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