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Creation Kit Problems

Fallout 4 Creation Kit

Hi! I installed the Bethesda launcher in order to install the ck.but , when I open the ck, either it opens and crashes, or is saying something about validating game files and an error code (

NOTE: I don’t have the minimum requirements for fo4.can that be the problem?


So. Kazoo (you get 2 O’s, that’s it, I’m drawing a line), I think I can help with this particular issue. It seems to be an initialization error with CK on a first run that seems to come from a CPU hang-up when Fallout4.esm (your base game file) is accessed by the CK. At least it’s trying to access it anyway.

To fix this issue, go into your Data Folder:

Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data

Once there, find a mod file that has been overlaid with the CK icon. Try and run that file. Any mod will work, but I’d suggest installing a small dummy mod that you don’t really care about, because this force boot process can damage the mod file you use to initialize CK.

When you try and “Run” the mod, CK will open, it will ask you to “Unpack” the mod (New Version/Changed). This is because CK has never been able to initiliaze Fallout4.esm. Click “OK”. CK will now begin running the initial start up process, and will take a nice long time to decompress everything (I MEAN GODDAMN EVERYTHING WITH A .BA2 EXTENSION & EVERY GODDAMN MOD YOU HAVE INSTALLED) Note: The more mods you have installed, the longer it takes. This is the initialization process for CK.

Congratulations. You just made your computer force boot Creation Kit, and circumvent the CPU hang-up error that some users experience when they have large mod files or NUMEROUS mods installed. This is because CK tries to boot based off your Plugins list. CK doesn’t just access Fallout4.esm on it’s first boot, it tries to access every mod you have initialized in your load menu/Nexus Mod Manager.

The only other way around this otherwise is to use a completely clean Fallout 4 install with no DLC activated, but that can be so… depressing to have to re-download, re-install, and re-initialize every mod you want.

My way just tells the CK to go ♥♥♥♥ itself. Hard. Long & Hard.

Now. Have fun.

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