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Deliverer has to be the best pistol in the game

Fallout 4 Deliverer

I tried the Alien Blaster, 10mm, .44, and The Gainer but had problems with all of them except my favourite, The Deliverer. Here’s why I think the Deliverer is the undisputed top pistol in the game. The Deliverer has an amazing fire rate and is very accurate when it comes to pistols, not to metion its legendary perk, “Improved VATS hit chance,25% less action point cost”. This perk is great for people who start this amazing game series with fallout 4, it gives them a good opportunity to become comfortable with VATS. When the Deliverer is upgraded to its full potential (which only requires the perk “Gun Nut” rank 3), it absolutely destroys in mid to close-range encounters. Don’t get me wrong the other pistols have they’re strengths, but the Deliverer is the all around best pistol.

Reasons why the other guns don’t make the cut:

  • Alien Blaster: It’s a really great gun good dps, great fire rate, and accuracy but it has 2 flaws. 1st, its projectiles are not that of regular bullets, the alien blaster rounds are slow moving projectiles, enemies have a much easier time avoiding them then normal bullets. 2nd, this gun only has about 500 rounds until you reach lvl 41. Seriously?!?! Yea seriously, you only get 500 rounds of this amazing gun until you run out then you have to hold on to it till you get the perk “Science!” Rank 4 to change the guns ammo type to fusion cells.
  • 10MM: Good average gun in my opinion only problem is it lacks damage and accuracy.
  • The Gainer: The Gainer seemed great at first “dude this gun sets shit on fire sweet”, I said when I first discovered it. The Gainer is good for 2 reasons and bad for 3. The gun can output a ridiculous amount of damage but not very quickly. It’s recoil and it being a revolver (not semi-automatic) limit it’s fire rate. But hey it sets stuff on fire right? Yea sure if you can find enough ammo to keep this gun loaded,
  • 44 ammo is a lot harder to come by then your run of the mill 10mm round. And what’s with that animation when you pull the gun out? You spin the guns chamber like you’re playing Russian Roulette, wasting precious time you might need to shoot your assailant in front of you. ·.44: Same with The Gainer except doesn’t set shit on fire.

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