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Frost Survival Tips

Please no spoilers because from what I’ve gathered there is a story, but any tips for me? I usually take the overpass start as it’s my personal favorite but it’s a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥getting passed gouls n such with no guns/ammo. Also should I bother with the charisma skill tree?

Best Tips

Fallout 4 Frost

Well charisma I usually use for 3 things.. settlements, higher companion health and carry (really only for survival modes), and drinking alcohol = no penalties and greater benefits. I think 8 charisma for that.

Survival. low carry, so higher companion abilities to keep them alive longer, fighting stronger, and carry more = great for survival modes. Alcohol = great for survival mode benefits. Settlement building = great. So to me, any survival mode needs charisma at some point. Now, you might not need it all right away, but those 3 benefits really nice.

But you need to factor in surviving other things. You don’t really need settlements, companion carry or alcohol benefits right away, surviving enemies is the 1st priority, and surviving the elements (radiation, hunger, etc) is the 2nd. So while I can do a easy crafter/builder in very hard difficulty, I like a stealth sniper in survival to wipe out foes with ease while staying safe. You don’t need the stealth part till later, just riflemen perks, etc are fine early on to snipe at 2x damage.

I personally always start with high strength due to lower carry, and you need to haul stuff. 6 strength for the strong back perks. You can do research in FROST to see how easy it is to get companions, you might just go solo with the Lone Wanderer perks with 3 charisma then build charisma overtime to get your settlement stuff/alcohol/and companion benefits.

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