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Human Error error: fixing the Covenant questline

Fallout 4 Human Error Bug

Anyone else out there manage to screw up the Covenant questline by finding the sewer first, plugging Manny, or just outright taking Covenant? Have issues starting Human Error because Dan went missing when the Institute went kablooie?

Well… poor Amelia, stuck in a cell, seemingly stuck there forever… until tonight.

I dug through the base scripts and fragments and discovered there’s an unlisted quest stage that seems to work for her ‘issue”.

  1. go into the compound (the sewer entrance)
  2. presuming everyone else is dead and covenant is empty, go to Amelia’s cage
  3. console mode; sqv MS17 and see that you’re on stage 900. Don’t follow these instructions unless it’s stage 900, which is the locked-up completion stage.
  4. if Amelia’s door is open, close it.
  5. resetquest MS17
  6. setstage MS17 465. At this point you can talk to Amelia and get a different response
  7. Open the door. Amelia will thank you.
  8. sqv MS17. Should say 600.
  9. Go to Bunker HIll and find Stockton. Talk. He’ll say “so you’re the one who rescued my daughter”.
  10. if talking does not proceed, setstage MS17 720. This is the Stockton completion stage, he gives you caps and goes back to normal.

Now… afterwards I’m not so sure what happens. I believe Amelia simply disappears (ref disable). However, in testing I brought her to stockton with the moveto player command, and it didn’t do much… but she was present when I set 720, and oddly, she took off running. No idea what the endpoint would be because we got as far as the medical center near… uh… somewhere, and a super mutant popped her from around a corner before I could stop it.

Still have no idea how to go about setting Covenant’s myriad items as owned by you… does that normally happen when Human Error completes normally, within game standard? If it does it’s marked in a papyrus script somewhere, just have to find it.

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