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Why the Minutemen are the Commonwealth’s best hope

Fallout 4 Minutemen

The Minutemen are supposed to be the best alternative for rebuilding the Commonwealth because: More settlements = More resources = Better materials = Better fire power and a larger presence in all the Commonwealth.

The Minutemen are not just a bunch of farmers with laser muskets, and pipe weapons. They are the Commonwealth fucking militia, yes they are weak at the beginning of the game … Yes, the past of the faction is full of betrayers and corruption … But with the help of their general, the Sole Survivor … They get stronger and stronger, they can produce a lot more resources and have a total control of the transportation of their resources with their provisioners. More Commonwealth folks join the Minutemen and their general provide them with really good weapons and equipment, and even power armors, they also get their artillery back with the help of Ronnie Shaw and can be placed in each settlement which covers the whole surface area of the Commonwealth (except a specific place in the glowing sea), etc …

Btw, if you’re planning one day on starting a Minutemen playthrough, rock on this mod: Link

It’s the best mod out there in the Nexus that overhauls the faction, it is lore-friendly and not “overkill”. Here’s what this mod adds: Minutemen radiant quests have been tweaked:

  • The % chance of a Minuteman radiant quest start has been reduced (20 instead of 25)
  • The maximum of active quests possible has been reduced (1 instead of 3)
  • A cool down period for each Minuteman radiant quests has been added for prevent the exact same quest to restart as soon as it’s over (96h in-game instead of 0)
  • Flaregun range has been increased
  • Minuteman reinforcement level are now leveled to player level but stay lower than player level (no more level 1 Minuteman each time)
  • The chance to see a Minutemen patrol around your settlements has been increased
  • Minutemen will now exclusively wear either a Minutemen Outfits
  • A new class Veteran Minuteman will use gauss weapons
  • Minutemen will wear various objects like glasses, bandana or gasmask (to make them unique)
  • Minutemen weapons have been diversified which should result in Minutemen carrying fewer laser muskets
  • The chance to see Minutemen wear additional armor has been increased
  • New armors have been implanted in the Minutemen higher level list items:
  • Minutemen combat armor at level 40
  • Minutemen power armor at level 46

Note: the chances to see Veteran Minutemen or power armored Minutemen are low.

  • Minutemen dog now will wear a Minutemen bandana and sometime dog armors
  • Some news faces has been added in Minutemen levellist
  • Now Minutemen will regenerate their health slowly and they will have a chance to have stimpack in their inventory
  • Minutemen will have Minutemen class and use Minutemen combat style instead of raider class
  • Some news Minutemen related Loadscreens has been added

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