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DRAGON BALL FighterZ – a cult game in fighting style where you will go to bloody battles and will prove the professionalism by a victory over the most powerful rivals.

In access, you will have a choice between a vast number of characters. Moreover, each of them will be unique in its performance and have a number of distinctive strokes, which can then be used in combat.

Here you will have a unique opportunity to enter into enchanting battles with other players around the world, as well as to participate in the resistance of three-by-three teams.

Adjust your choice of characters, and do not forget to monitor their health points. Face off against other users and improve your fighting skills. The game has a colorful battle, known for many years, the characters, as well as the ability to use three unique characters.


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Game information:

  • Year of issue: 26 January 2018
  • Genre: Arcade, Fighting, 3D
  • Developer: Arc System Works

Feature of the game:

  1. 3 vs 3.
  2. Create a dream team.
  3. Exciting networking opportunities
  4. Exclusive story mode
  5. A new scenario involving Android 21, a new character created by Akira Toriyama himself.

Watch Trailer:

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