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South Park The Stick of Truth Crack

South Park The Stick of Truth

It is always nice to see kiddy television shows we grew up with being realized into a video game nowadays. I know, most of you will say that those shows-turned-game looks relative awful in your computer with its poor visual presentation. But the I think it is not the visuals that should be put into emphasis here, it is the gameplay that gives the chance to player of doing the things you wish were portrayed in it when it was aired in your favorite tv station.

One best example of this one is the creation of the popular television show South Park (from its popular Digital Studios) into a game. Actually, the gaming series in itself already produced previously three titles, and their latest soon to be released is South Park The Stick of Truth. This game is the product of teaming up two of the biggest names in the gaming industry: Obsidian Entertainment (developer) & THQ (publisher).

South Park The Stick of Truth Crack

I am proud to say that I have already played this latest South Park game earlier than a gamer normally would. And with all honestly even with its simplistic 2D presentation, I feel like I turned back time while playing it. The game has a very strong and sometimes funny story lines making me feel as if I was one of the character in the story that I am playing. To be exact, it is like playing and watching a TV series all at once.

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Watch South Park The Stick of Truth Trailer:

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